A word from Frank

The Interviews:


Frank plays the bicycle on the Steve Allen show

Dick Cavett June 12, 1980

Sky Channel 1984

WLUP Chicago 3/4/88

Larry King 1989

CBC Toronto 1/24/90

The Talking Asshole

Hot Rats Radio Spot 2

Flo and Eddie on Frank


Mudshark  a must do!

Filthy Thoughts

Voter Registration at Shows

It's an Arab Problem!

Impressions of  Prague

Louisiana Concentration Camp

Napoleon Murphy Brock WFLA FM

The Love Boat in the Persian Gulf

Playground Psychotics

Warner Bros. didn't pay for them!

WTOS Milwaukee 08-86 with Bob Reitman

1972 interview about John and Yoko

1970 interview


Please listen to these interviews with an open mind! Frank was a brillant man with much to say in a short lifetime. Without him our lives would truly be incomplete. Hotcha!

Very FRANK photos

FZ video's


Favorite Quote: "If your children really knew how lame you really are,they'd murder you in your sleep!" I've been saying this for about 35 years and still love it!