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Bjork’s new album already leaked!

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New Bjork album


It’s been three years now since Björk released the skittering, science-inspired album Biophilia, and lately we’ve been hearing rumblings that she’s working on its follow-up. A few weeks ago, there were reports that she was working with Arca, the Venezuelan-born and New York-based producer. Arca, who specializes in dessicated deconstructions of apocalyptic dance music and who worked with Kanye West on Yeezus, issued a clarifying statement on Twitter: “rather than “sole producing,”@bjork and I are coproducing music together! just a quick correction to phrasing !! *curtsie*” And now Björk’s camp has effectively confirmed that she’s got a new album coming out next year, posting on her Facebook that she’s skipping the Biophilia Live premiere at this week’s London Film Festival so that she can work on the album, which is due next year. Björk tends to do amazing work when she’s paired up with a bleeding-edge electronic producer, and Arca is absolutely that, so this is a good time to start getting excited.


biophilia live trailer

Bjork at the Museum of Modern Art

The museum of modern art in New York has announced a special björk exhibit for next year! it will feature a retrospective with a new commissioned piece, plus brand-new never-seen-before stuff.
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Happy Birthday

It’s Bjork’s birthday today…….. go forth and listen!

Bjork hits The Simpsons

Carl's saga

Missing Einar Orn and John Gnarr, but worth watching 😉

For rotten shark press here

A cultural short featuring Siggi


Bjork at Times Square

Bjork has throat surgery

Bjork has throat surgery

Bjork web ring

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