Updated 6.24.14

Mr T.'s Dinosaur Webquest





     You and your group have made a smashing choice!  Here are some MUST DO and CAN DO options for this quest! You must complete the MUST DO items and choose 2 or more of the CAN DO items for a passing grade.


GROUP JOBS: Getter     Recorder     Searcher     Operator



 1- Use a either a large posterboard sheet or an available display board to create a QUESTION & CONCEPT BOARD.  This board will look similar to the one we create at the beginning of each reading unit.   If you are unfamiliar with a Q&C board they are very easy to make!  Horizontally divide your work space in half.  In the left top half write the heading of QUESTION, in the right top half write the heading of CONCEPT.









Each member must contribute at least two questions they have about the meteorites / dinosaurs connection.  Also, each member MUST contribute one page (picture included) about their own feelings about the connection between meteorites and the dinosaurs extinction.


2-  Each member MUST use two or more of the links below and write a 2-page report on the meteorite/dinosaur connection.

BBC - Dinosaur Killer

PBS - Dinosaur Extinction

WIREDNEWS - Dinosaur Killers Spread Wide

HOW STUFF WORKS - Glass Beads Support Dinosaur Theory

WIKIPEDIA - Chicxulub crater

ABCNEWS.COM - Piece of Dinosaur Extinction Asteriod Puzzle Recovered

BBCNEWS - Sea Clue to Death of Dinosaurs


3- Each person MUST find one or more extra links on your area of focus and write up a short summary on that link. 


CAN DO's: (need 2 or more)

1- Create a diorama showing the dinosaurs and the impact

2- Make a clay or paper mache' meteorite and or dinosaur

3- Write a story about a dinosaurs adventures after the meteorite hits the Earth

4- Write a short play about what may have happened

5- Present a book review on a book about meteorites or dinosaurs

6- Compose a dinosaur/meteorite poem

7- Write and perform your own version of brown paper bag theatre's dinosaur/meteorite adventure

8- Your own idea!!!!!! Please ask the teacher for permission first.




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