Resume of Michael Vito Troiano

General Information

          Name:                      Michael Vito Troiano
          Work address:             
5717 Laurine Way
, Ca.  94824 

          Work phone/fax:          916 433-5444 / 5533

          Email:                      MVTROIANO@HOTMAIL.COM


Academic Qualifications

  2007: Masters Degree in Educational Technology iMET-3 program

          California State University, Sacramento California 

  2001: Currently enrolled in the Education and Technology Masters Program

          California State University, Sacramento California

  1998: Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development Certificate

          National University, Sacramento California

  1995: California Professional Clear Multi-subject Teaching Credential

          National University, Sacramento California
  1990: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies 

          California State University, Sacramento California


Professional Experience

  2005-Present: Sacramento City Unified School District

          Ethel I. Baker Elementary

  1998-2005: Sacramento City Unified School District

          Marian Anderson Creative Arts Academy  

  1995-1998: Folsom Cordova Unified School District
          Substitute Teacher, Grades K-6.


Professional Activities            

  2001-2003: School Technology Leader

  2001-2003: English Language Acquisition Committee ELAC 

  2001-2002: Grade Level Leadership Committee  

  2000-2002: Nell-Soto Home Visit Coordinator

  1999-2002: Grade Level Leadership Committee

  1999-2000: School/Police Liaison

  1998-2002: Student Study Team


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