Instructor Feedback

Tim et al.,

Here are some additional comments from Mike.


I have overall feedback for all the groups:

Great presentations. I was truthfully impressed with the amount of
work and dedication the cohort has to scholarship and learning. Kudos.

A couple of suggestions overall. Be cognizant of time. Allow for
questions. Plan on allowing each member to participate, although
time does not have to be equal. Work out approach to presentation
beforehand with an outline. It is OK to have note cards to keep track
of who is talking about what. Stick to your portion of the

As you begin to further your involvement in action research, start to
think about data collection. What do you need? Why? How will it be

Once again, thanks for a great weekend!

Dr. Duane Campbell - The Native American chart was very well done. A good example of critical thinking in process.


My Response:

I still have time management issues! As soon as I find some free time I will try to correct this problem.

Each member did actually participate, I had a killer cold that day and had trouble speaking and breathing.

Timelines have been used with future presentations.



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