Tappedin Session with Bernie Dodge


To give you an intro to what you are about to read, this is just a short segment from our required tappedin on-line sessions. What prompted this round of banter was a fellow iMETer asking if Webquest were good for primary grades. Yes we do get goofy, but that happens after a few hours transfixed on a CRT!

MargeS asks, "Ihave never seen a good webquest for lower grades.  Do


              have any examples for say K-1?  Do you think they can do



BernieD says, "No."


JackieCa asks, "No...they can't do this?"


JackieCa asks, "because they can't read?"


BernieD says, "I have a column on the matrix for K-2, but in most cases

               you have to warp the model so far that it barely


               as a WebQuest."


BernieD says, "Reading is part of the problem. Cognitive development is



PhyllisAB exclaims, "Then you need to see Vito's Dinosaur quest


                     for 2nd grade Open Court!"


MikeM says, "probably language arts is the closest thing at that level,

             but definitely a challange"


RogerC listens... rol has new quote!


JackieCa asks, "So is that a project for someone, or is it trying to

                make something that shouldn't be made?"


BernieD says, "There's lots you can do with primary grades but

               WebQuesting is a hard fit."


PhyllisAB says, "We will be testing it in January on my class."


MikeM [to Phyllis]: "yes"


MikeT [Vito] says, "same here"


MikeM says, "Vito managed to make Open Court learning fun"


BernieD says, "Wow. I'd like to see that."


MikeT [Vito] says, "[ blush ]"


MikeM says, "I'd've wanted Vito as my teacher"


StanM says, "One of the nice features of a web quest is having an

             already prepared library of resources at the students'

             disposal.  very nice when you're pressed for time, which I

             usually am."


JohnGD says, "Or your internet connection is shot, pooched, etc."


BernieD says, "Jackie: every day, I hope."


JackieCa asks, "I'm wondering who Vito is?"


MikeM . o O ( good answer good answer )

JackieCa says, "And Bernie, so am I . Good for us."


MikeT [Vito] says, "an old old man"


LoriAJ exclaims, "no you're not!"


MikeM [to Jackie]: "He is an iMET 3 person; Vito (or Mike) Troiano"


RogerC says, "who likes monkeys"


VickiM says, "Jackie, Vito's last name is Legbreaker."


LoriAJ says, "with a cold"


MikeT [Vito] exclaims, "likes is lite!"


HenryD exclaims, "monkeys steal my underwear at night!"


LoriAJ says, "bad monkeys"


BernieD scratches head.


KathyBri says, "wow, Henry"


MichaelY says, "and that's not a violin he's carrying"


JackieCa asks, "Cool (as opposed to kwel); a teacher? of what?"


KathyBri asks, "Are you sure it is not your wife?"


DeborahCP says, "lol"


HenryD asks, "hmmmm?"


ChrisHK says, "I'm not sure I'd want to know anyone named Vito, Might

               have some, you know, connections"


LoriAJ says, "introduce yourself , MikeT"


PhyllisAB says, "Now we aren't saying our 2nd graders won't need help

                 with the reading - or groups - but I thiink they will


                 well and really enjoy Vito's dino site"


MikeT [Vito] exclaims, "It's reportcard week... to tired to go on!"


LoriAJ exclaims, "now that the dino isn't throsing up!"


MikeM exclaims, "ah, didn't look hard enough, it is!"


JackieCa asks, "Did I miss th link to Vito's site?"


RogerC exclaims, "my second grader enjoyed it!"


PhyllisAB says, "its a good example of what can be done by a teacher

                 familiar with his audience and subject"


BernieD says, "He's familiar with dinosaurs? Must be really old."


MichaelY says, "LOL"


JanMV exclaims, "well put Phyllis Amy!"


LoriAJ says, "tehehehehe"


MikeM laughs


PhyllisAB says, "LOL"


PhyllisAB exclaims, "There Vito, now you have something for your

                     feedback page..after bernie looks at it!"






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