Instructor Feedback

Roger, Sonja, Tim and Vito: Synectics and Writing

Excellent presentation of the research! You tied the research with the writing processes and motivated the audience. I also enjoyed how connected you seemed to be with the strategy through the things youíve done with your students. It brought the research to the classroom context.

Your goal (purpose) is admirable. Nicely done. I think that there would be a number of your colleagues here and at your school sites who would really be able to benefit from your research.

You lead your students to process new ideas and make connections that they may not otherwise make. I like the way you utilize the spreadsheet to develop the word bank. Youíre definitely taking students into higher levels of thinking. This is very impressive.

It is interesting to see how many different ways your plan connects students to the technology. As mentioned, the spreadsheet integrates well, and, of course, the word processor does, too. However, this may also be a good strategy for use with HyperStudio or Inspiration. It further impresses me to note that even though the use of synectics may seem to be a one-to-many type of delivery, it is also highly collaborative. The audience participates enthusiastically. Vitoís comment about building vocabulary was right on target.

Demonstrating the synectics process allowed us to revisit the power of this strategy. Iím glad you took the time to do this. I have a "lurking and deceptively good" feeling that several of your colleagues will look again at the use of this strategy. Well done.

Overall, I believe youíve done a masterful job integrating the tools and the strategy. Analyzing the data will be an interesting process because you may have much more than quantitative data. I liked the way you collected qualitative data as well. Very complete.

To complicate things, youíve also introduced concept mapping. Of course, this is more than a lesson; itís a unit involving strategies and applications. Your use of Inspiration tied it all together and placed this in the context of the writing process and higher-levels of thinking. Very impressive teaching!


My Response:

Thank you for noticing that our presentation was connected to the strategy, we worked very hard on this project.

Using a spread sheet was easy to incorperate after viewing one of Bruce's info pages! The use of also using Hyper Studio and Inspiration have been noted.

Bruce.... we miss ya!



Group 5 Sonja, Roger, Tim, and Vito


Visual Appeal 7 Graphic design good, but adjustments for large group presentation need to be made.

Motivational Effectiveness 8 Active participation within 20 minutes was effective. Interdisciplinary possibilities

Cognitive Effectiveness 8 Give audience clear advanced organizer with delineated alignment to standards, essential learning, and demonstration of understanding.


User Cognitive Level 9 Promotes making connections/interdisciplinary thinking. Concept development extended through this strategy.

User Technical Requirements 9 Variety of media and tools, e.g. WP, spreadsheet, PP, Internet, Photoshop, Inspiration.

Process 9 Well designed according to learning strategies addresses.

Collaboration/Constructivism 8 Served as foundation for presentation, process, and product. Relate each standard and/or essential learning to a criterion on assessment rubric.


Research Problem 8 Research alignment to 21th century work skills could have been more developed



My Response:

I can not think about how we could effectly show graphics to a larger group. We were using standard issue school AV items which have limited abilites.

We had believed that we were directing this lesson towards 21th century students, but perhaps we need more guidence in this area?

Maryanne was with us for too short of a time, perhaps future cohorts will enjoy her again!



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