Cohort Feedback

Some fonts difficult to read on title page.

Missing image on title page…oh…went back and they showed up. Very nice idea to have your pictures on the cover page.

No notes were showing on the side bar, just numbers.

Nice graphic on page five, though it took awhile to load.

Diagram type too small to read but I really liked the organization and look of analogies through concept mapping slides. Pages 19 through 30, approx. Inspiration is a great tool but may need to be projected. Difficult to see on small monitors.

Overall, you covered the topic very thoroughly and clearly with good examples. The template became a bit old after the tenth slide or so. Might want to simplify by eliminating the key. Problems with type size may be moot if projected on a screen. Sanctions seems to be a teaching strategy most useful with high achieving students. May be very difficult with reluctant students. Did you address this or consider ways to pull in reluctant students?


Great job!


My Response:

If the programs allows me to, I will change the fonts on the title page. (just wish I knew which ones?)

If the image was missing on the title page at first, then shows up, most likely it was a browser problem.

I have no idea why you could not view descriptions?

I agree that the inspiration slide was too small, it was a group vote to keep it.

I have used synectics in my 2nd grade classroom that is overall far below grade level, and it does work. 


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