Cohort Feedback

Process Page: Great background on opening page, especially for education.

·      Good explanation

·      Links are clear

·      Could use more context cues…how does it relate to portfolio

·      Very thorough mission statement. I like the table.

·      Too many damned awards!

·      Community section is great addition for parents and students to be more included! Good job Vito!

·      Educational Past?

·      Guest book is good idea. Does it take effort to manage?

·      Resume top section was more difficult to read than the bottom. Bottom was really nice!

Dan Grattan

My Response:

More context clues will be added, and the structure towards the product page will be connected!

More awards are being added at this time ;)

My Educational Past was not completed at the time of this Tapped-in session. It will be included very soon!

The guest book is from HTML GEAR , and is very easy to manage. All feedback comes to you in the form of an e-mail.

Regarding the resume, there was no special formatting used, perhaps this was a monitor problem? I will double check it using a few different browsers to correct any problems.



Vito's Portfolio:

- Any chance of optimizing that splash page photo for the web?
- Perhaps have navigation at top AND bottom of pages (e.g. Resume page, which has only a BACK link on the bottom of the page)
- Careful about putting photos of students on your site...that's still somewhat taboo I think
- The variety of what you included in your Process section paints a very comprehensive picture of your teaching career thus far

- Purpose of the page is stated clearly at the beginning of the page
- It already has a description/explanation

- The resume lists a wide variety of activities and accomplishments
- There is definitely potential to link to associated artifacts/organizations from the resume
- Only positions are listed, but no descriptions of each position's responsibilities (the breadth of effective teaching is described in other portions of the Process section)

- Very easy to read
- I'm not normally a fan of backgrounds because they usually distract from the text, but the background you've chosen is VERY unobtrusive and quite appropriate to teaching
- The use of colors is conservative, which is GOOD...doesn't look like a box of crayolas melted on the page

- This section wasn't completed yet


My Response:

The splash page photo has been optimized!

I only included links on the main pages, on the smaller focus pages I always included a [back] option so the visitor will not loose their place. The same option will be used on all of my feedback pages so visitors can go back to the section they were just in.

I know that some people do not like photos on a web site, but that is my preference.  I have permission slips for students and adults included on my site.

I have a separate links page on this site which will include sites listed on my resume.

I did not list duties on my resume since that would add extra space thus making the page too long to read.

I looked at your site.  I like your background - very appropriate for your grade level - I also like the scrolling "front" - I'm gonna have to figure out how to do that!  You have a great list of things that are definitely created for your particular "purpose". 
A couple of comments - I have to say - purely personal - I don't like the animated "bars" - they move so fast they are really annoying - make me dizzy (to me, as I said that is purely MHO!).  I went to your first product, which was the Concept Attainment PowerPoint presentation - when I clicked on it it wanted me to "download" rather than letting me watch the slide show.  I have to admit that I seldom bother to do that.  If it wants me to download, I look for another resource, most of the time.  The other one on Synectics loaded fine - althought it does take a bit to load - and I'm on a T3 here.  But it worked fine. 
As I commented before, I loved your dinosaur unit - that looks like it would be great fun for the kids.  The Yosemite one was also very pleasing.  I wonder - you (and I) have way more than 4 products in our "list" - I wonder if they are going to be strict about that.  Oh, I didn't see any link to feedback - is that in a separate place?


My Response:

To keep the background still while the text scrolls, use the FIXED command in the body tag.

The animated bars have been removed and have been replaced with the pencil dividers.

No changes can be made to the concept attainment powerpoint ;( It was created in Office 97 and now refuses to resave as a web page (which would solve your problem).

The feedback link has been at the bottom of my page for about a year now ;)

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