Native Americans



Far North



What it was like Lands were covered by great forrest. In winter snow shoes and toboggins were used. Bare dry country that was often very hot. Very little rain. Icy treeless plains or tundra. Great forrest with rich lands that could feed many.
Homes Lived together in villages. In summer moved by lakes or streams.Homes were covered with bark or mud called wigwams or wickiups. Long houses where families lived together. Simple shelters made of thin post or logs covered with brush or clay. Others built towns of high piled houses made of stone or sun dried brick. Usually a town was built into a cliff or on the side of one for protection. Made houses from snow or chunks of earth rounded at the top over rafters of whale bone. People lived in large villages and had summer homes on the coast. Camps were setup close to the rivers. Tepee's and earth lodges
Food corn, beans, squash, fruits, nuts, grasses, bulbs, rabbit, beaver, opossum, squirrel, fish, turtles and shellfish. Corn, beans and squash. Whale, seal and fish. Shell fish, berries, fruit. Buffalo
Customs/Activities Made mounds of earth shaped like snakes, eagles, wildcats and other animals of respect. Use wampum to buy things. Made decorations from shell beads. Long walks to water crops and tend sheep. Used a medicine man for healing. On land they traveled in sleds pulled by husksy dogs. They went to sea in skin boats. In the summer they hunted gray whales. Carved canoe's and totem poles from cedar trees. Had gift giving parties called potlatches. Each nation had its own special dance. Boys worked from moccasin-bearer or servant to a warrior.
Men & Boys Hunters and fishermen. As they dance they seemed to have become the spirit of that dance. Men and boys carved tools and decorations from stone, ivory and bone. Hunted wild buffalo. Made tools from buffalo teeth. Boys wanted to be good hunters.
Women & Girls Played house with toy tepee's and carried puppies on their back instead of dolls. Women made baskets out of grass and bark. Worked on softening hide for clothing by chewing on it. Could setup tepee's quickly