Michael V. Troiano

Personal Mission Statement

To guide/help others when help is needed.

Give comfort when Comfort is needed.

Recognize others for a job well done!

Admire those who take time for others and give of themselves.

To be the best parent I can be to my son, and the best husband I can be to my wife.

Become a role model that a child can look up to.

To visualize and utilize the power that each individual has.


Powerful Teaching and Learning

Taking that first step!

Letting go and trusting others.

The delight of being part of a successful team.

Conduct learning in an environment where the affective filters are low and learning is high!

Making connections.

When a low student becomes the teacher with successful results.

When feedback is given and used correctly.


Professional Values

To keep current and up-to-date in all core areas.

To learn and grow from my fellow educators.

Keep looking for new and exciting ways to present and conduct lessons so all children will be touched.

Be a reflective educator.

Monitor and access outcomes.



Professional Practices

Come to work early and fully prepared for the day.

To treat my students the way I would expect my own child to be treated.

Dress, speak and act in a professional manner suited for my position.





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