Nell Soto Since December 2000, I have been the Nell Soto Home Visit coordinator for my school.  This is a voluntary program which involves teachers, clerical staff, and school support personnel to conduct home visits.  Our goal is to help parents and students in need of educational materials, and sometimes for personal needs like housing, food and health issues.  We have to work with limited funding which does run out quickly, but we work with spirited professionals whose dedication and hard work continues far after the funds are gone! I have logged well over 150 hours in home visits and still have a way to go!


Dr. Edna Mikell (LEFT) and NVTA members  Translators were there to help get to those in need  

The above photo's were taken at a dictionary give-a-way that was sponsored by the National Visiting Teachers Association.  Parent's were notified that free dictionaries were to be given away if they were able to attend a brief course on how to help their children use them.  I was there to help and to document the event with photo's.


  On March 31, 2001 our school held its first annual Cesar Chavez day.  The goal this day was to beautify the school with loads of donated flowers (and trees too). All of the classrooms were given a large flowerpot that would soon be filled with colorful flowers and vegetables. Those teachers who were lucky enough to have a garden plot by their door (like me) also received more flowers and bulbs for the spring. Songs (in Spanish) were sung by second grader Eric, who was a real crowd pleaser!  Many of the school's parents turned out for this event and brought lots of good things to eat.  The final part of this journey was a tree  dedicated to Cesar Chavez that was planted in our courtyard by the children at the school.


During the 1999-2000 school year, I was the school/police liaison for my school.  My job was to attend early morning meetings with the Sacramento City Police to help build relations between the local schools and the local police leaders.  I was the only non-administrator attending, but I was allowed a voice for the concerns at my schools. 


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