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I enjoyed your presentation and it is a wonderful example of using the web to bring a subject into the classroom and enhancing it beyond the textbook. Not to mention this could provide hours of fun for the family at night. What did Johnny do at school today?

The social family of instructional models is powerful. You work it nicely intothe framework with the role playing strategy.

The Bingo board for students is an excellent example for management of centers. Bingo for some, blackout for others, just depends on the individual. I will pass that on to my district teachers.

Had a thought. Saw a QTVR presentation, that was then this is now. Students took a 360 of a significant place in the town, then linked to old time photographs of the same location. May work well with some of these mining towns. If interested let me know and I'll search for the link.

thanks again!



My Response:

Cool, no complaints ;)



Tappedin 4-4-02 [comments from a tappedin session on 4/4/02]

MargeS asks, "Okay - I'll ask a question about collaboration.  Most of the activities seem to be for individual children to do as an individual project such as writing in their journal, writing their own letter - can you show me where there was more of a "group" feeling?"

JanMV says, "How will the role playing fit in"

HeatherH asks, "Is the rubrics link going to be on the students page also?"

RogerC says, "I had to look at ease of use... nice nav bar present. Could I suggest opening a new browser window when you link to an outside site."

My Response:

All of activities can become group based. Just as groups of families came out west, so can groups work together perhaps groups focusing on each town.

Role playing will force the students to research their subjects for the living museum. Also the students will get the feel for their characters lifestyle and feel empathy with that person.

The students will have access to the rubrics.

The TARGET=_BLANK command has been added.


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