The above award is my highest presentation from my school district. Only 27 of these awards are given out each year, and perhaps only 9-15 are awarded to teachers.  I was given my districts Champion Award due to my commitment to repairing older computers on a regular basis for the past five years.  CLICK HERE to view a video of the award presentation.

UPDATE: On December 10, 2002 I was voted the District Champion of the Year!


  This certificate was given to me by assembly member Darrell Steinberg for the job I was doing to help my school obtain higher SAT9 scores.





        This award was given to me by a Euwanda Lee for helping her with classroom technology and technical support.




       This award was for helping Lethi Houston conduct home visits on a moments notice.




      This was awarded to me by a computer novice who had appreciated my patience with him.  Our P.E. Teacher, Patrick Malone, is learning to become computer friendly.




    This award was given to me by Patricia Moore for helping her with classroom technology and help with word processing.



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