Cohort Feedback

Comments taken from feedback on Linda's web server:

DanG says, "It is such a pleasant looking format and not garbled with extraneous stuff"

DebraCr says, "Wow ... beautiful web site. Really interesting info too" DanG asks, "All those? Did each of you do separate parts and then what did you combine them with?"

DanielOL says, "FABULOUS! KUDOS"

BonnieDr says, "Is this site going to stay up? I would like to direct my students to it for their SAT9 project."

DanG says, "Extremely professional! and the info was really good."

BonnieDr says, "beautiful graphically who does your colors"

DanielOL wants lessons now on how to create a page like this.

RogerC says, "Well done! Interesting stories...."

MichaelDP exclaims, "Really enjoyed the reading and the information.

Great job!"

BonnieDr says, "Truly, the colors are so rich and inviting"

DanielOL says, "Bruce did the state cut the teacher awards last week. I think that's what I heard."

BonnieDr exclaims, "And the layout and pictures...I am just really

impressed with you guys!"

DanG exclaims, "So much to much time!"

JanMV says, "I'm very impressed too...great color scheme and layout"

DarrenF says, "very easy to read and informative, I like the stories;  nice personal touch"

KathrynO says, "I couldn't get the stories for some reason."

DanielOL says, "Well put together. Flows well."

HeatherH says, "survey completed."

DanielOL says, "survey coming"

LoriAJ exclaims, "good job!"

MargeS exclaims, "I notice the inclusion of so much of the Arts program both in these schools and the first two. Glad to see a swing back!"

HeatherH says, "The presentation connects faces to an another wise faceless sea of numbers."

MichaelY says, "awesome job you guys"

  Dr. Campbell used the site in a presentation to his class on the effects of API.


My Response:

The site has been up for about a year now, and will remain up for a long time to come On Linda's web server and on the iMET server.

Yes we connected faces to an endless see of stats, but no one complained about using photo's here.... Hmmm how odd! The main site photo's were taken by me, on my private web pages people complain, yet on this site they praise them. Strange how people react when they think they are in a different situation.

I can not explain why the stories did not come up. They are indeed on-line and working fine at this time.

I was honored to find out that Dr. Campbell had used this site for an example. Linda, Phyllis and I worked very hard to bring this web site together.



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