In this area, I will attempt to give you an overall image of each individual part of this portfolio. Each area has its own focus and meaning which when all areas are added together, should give you a better view of myself and my iMET experience.

The Process

This area should give you an overall idea of who I am and how I conduct my operations as an educator. The EDU. HISTORY (educational history) list my schools from kindergarten to graduate school, and includes links to them, also if possible my memories at that time. My RESUME is my current working / educational history up until present time. My PHILOSOPHY is my basic philosophy of education, my thoughts on what education should be. My M.STATEMENT (mission statement) are items I believe in and plan on implementing in the near future. AWARDS are just that, awards that have been presented to me during my years of teaching. My COMMUNITY area has an extensive collection of community services that have been undertaken to get family participation back in our school.

The Product

This area includes the completed works (both solo and with different groups of fellow iMET students) undertaken during my time in the iMET program.

* AMERICA - THE EARLY YEARS: show cases early Microsoft ACCESS skills.

* CONCEPT ATTAINMENT: A learning model built around the studies of thinking conducted by Bruner, Goodnow, and Austin.

* SYNECTICS: A process that will help students "break set" and look at words in a more creative manner by William Gordon.

* REFLECTION OF MARIAN ANDERSON ELEMENTARY: An ethnic and performance view of the students who attend my school.

* API RATINGS: A group project showing how three schools obtained three different API award amounts.

* VIRTUAL YOESMITE: A bounder of adventure to Yoesmite National Park.

* RUSH FOR GOLD: An elaborate group project that extensively covers the gold rush years.

* DINOSAUR WEBQUEST: My own personal black hole that keeps on growing! Informative and extensive! Includes comments from Bernie Dodge himself!

The Showcase

This area will house both my extensive research project and my literature review concerning the use of PowerPoint and student comprehension.

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