The meaning of BLACK CAT

Our units patch consisted of a cartoonish type picture of a black cat.  Our hats were hand made at the Apollo Hat Shop right outside of the main gate at Osan. There was a real black cat behind the patch his name was Oscar.  Oscar was adopted by our much rotated staff to make us feel at home.  Oscar's main squeeze was a guy we called Curely.  Curely looked like the guy from the stooges and had a soft spot for Oscar.

Oscar had a good life except when those nasty G.I.'s got ideas! Oscar had a flight suit sown up for him and took an actual U-2 flight.  He mostly stayed in the commanders office and needed to be kicked out when operations closed. It was a problem when Oscar was left in the commanders office overnight.  Oscar would love to rip up the commanders desk and papers and then leave the commander a little reminder of what he had for dinner! If you look close you will even see a rubber stamp of Oscars paw print on my TDY certificate.


Osan Korea was known as DET II and housed the U-2, DET I in Kadina Japan was where the SR-71 was stationed.  Well if you don't have a strong stomach then stop here! To continue just scroll down a few inches.

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Okay let's continue....... Even though both places were manned by the same people, the regular PCS longtimers played a trick I'll never forget.  It seemed like one of the people (remaining nameless) from DET I flew over to DET II kidnapped Oscar and returned him the next day. While Oscar was being held captive, a person (who was able to perform such an event) 'fixed' Oscar.  His jewels are in a small babyfood jar filled with what ever they preserve stuff in, and last time I saw it was sitting high above a bookcase in the main office at DET I.


Oscar is long gone now.  Being a stray cat in Korea is a dangerous thing, so besides the flight and the fix I think he had it pretty good.  He had lots of people to give him love and he was even in our evacuation plans.


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