In the summer of 2004 I started noticing that my bandwidth had risen from 15 gigabytes to well over 27 gigabytes. In September of 2005 I received a notice from my domain provider that I had to move up to the premium service if my bandwidth continues raising at its rate.


          I do run a few websites from my domain, but my counters were showing a decrease not increase of callers. MP3 and video files do require a lot of room to store and a lot of bandwidth for people to view. If you come to my site directly I do not mind you viewing or even downloading my files, as a matter of fact any of my videoís and MP3ís can be downloaded and used on your site or for your personal pleasure!


          What I canít afford to do is to host files on my server for another personís website! After being told to either upgrade my account or pay $50 Ė $100 extra a month for going over 40 gigs of bandwidth is uncalled for! Because of these events I no longer allow others to hotlink my files.


          Please feel free to download my files (except my U2 & SR71 stuff) any time you need it. If you can not find a place to host your files there are many web hosts like ARVIXE.COM that will host you for $7.95 a month. I used geocities for years before switching to a web host since they are not very expensive and give you web space to host what you want to share.


          I have connections to all of my websites: I run the webring for Bjork which I was given from directly, I do write (and get responses back) from a few former members of the Sugarcubes, and are linked from their Bad Taste shop in Reykjavik. I worked on the SR-71 and U2 spy planes at Beale A.F.B. I have written the Frank Zappa trust a few times asking permission to run these radio interviews, but they have never replied.


          So basically what this boils down to is if you need a file of mine, please host it yourself! We both have the same interest, but not the same band width. Get a web host like the $79.00 for 2 years, it is worth it.





Mike Troiano