The Habu is a poisonous snake that inhabits most Asian countries.  It is also the nickname for the SR-71 aircraft. Another nickname it picked up was PIGS IN SPACE, but that's another story all together.


Out of service right now (well maybe 2 in-service), it never leaves the memory of those of us who worked on it.  One now sits on the deck of the USS Intrepid, located in New York Harbor.  That is a rather reversed idea since the SR-71 never made a carrier landing unlike the U-2 when it touched down on the CVA-66 USS America.


I had the honor of being a part of this aircraft in many different parts of the world.  I got to be involved in an ash disaster when at an air show at Fairchild AFB in May of 1980. I enjoyed the beautiful island of Okinawa when TDY at DET I.  I got to revisit RAF Mildenhall where I had spent a 2 1/2 year tour.


Oh, if you ever see a crab painted on the rear tails, that plane has been to Boda Norway, a nice place if you like sardines and tomatoes for breakfast!



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