The dreaded bunny

  Osan Korea - 1981

     During an Easter week flight, I learned a science lesson that I will never forget.  We sent up the U-2 on it's normal flight routine when after a short while we received a frantic call from our pilot.  We were all called back into work after a grueling 12 hour shift to recover a misguided flight. It seems like our beloved pilot had taken a marshmallow Easter bunny with him on his normal flight. What he nor anyone else realized was that marshmallow expands when in a pressurized environment! The higher the a/c went the bigger the bunny grew. The bunny grew so large that it overtook the cockpit and forced the pilot to abort the mission. I don't know how they squared that with Washington, but I'm sure it didn't happen that next year!

Just one odd fact about how we protect our country!


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