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Me doing The Mouse about 2nd grade  The Perlan in Reykjavik, Iceland - July 2003  Me, Dennis Thompson, Rick Bailey - USAF 1973

Leo Laporte Patrick Norton Yoshi DeHerra Roger Chang Sarah Lane Kevin Rose Dick and Leo

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labats.tv the daily GizWiz

Please listen to this Daily GizWiz! https://www.twit.tv/shows/weekly-daily-giz-wiz/episodes/535?autostart=false

Björk - Sugarcubes to Spumco
Videos, Pics, MP3's and other related items. The new home of the Björk webring! 


Iceland's own and best known band - Video's & exclusive photo's

Lobster or Fame

Lobster or Fame exhibit in Reykjavik, Iceland - July 2003

Mike's SR-71 & U2 Info
Info about the spy planes that I worked on and in during the late 1970's to early 1980's.

Mr. T's Dinosaur Webquest
The BEST webquest for lower grades and solo kids in homeschool environmants!

Frank Zappa Interviews
A must read for any fans of the late Frank Zappa. Interviews & video's. 
My iMET page

This is my masters degree website

Henry Cam

 Keep track of our family Box Turtle Henry

Virtual Room 20

A VR concept by Jean

 See Baby Denis James Reilly   



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Video of the last TTS recorded in San Francisco & The Placerville Herman's Hermit's concert

Sveinbjörn Ólafsson's Homepage